Welcome to the orange wine section, where Sicily celebrates the art of wine innovation and the richness of its ancient soils. Explore our selection of orange wines, a unique experience that combines tradition and modernity in a glass.

Orange wines, also known as macerate or skin-contact wines, are the result of a winemaking process that provides a prolonged maceration of grape skins with must. This method gives the wines an amazing aromatic complexity and an extraordinary structure in the mouth, characterized by nuances ranging from gilded to ramato.

From the minerality of Catarratto to the depth of Grillo, from the floral scents of Inzolia to the complexity of Zibibbo, our orange wines tell fascinating stories of territory and tradition reinterpreted with a touch of modernity. Every sip is a sensorial journey through the unique flavors and aromas of Sicily, which captures the soul of the island in a glass.

Whether you're a fan of natural wines looking for new experiences or a curious adventurer eager to explore new taste territories, our orange wines will surprise you with their originality and their vibrant personality. Discover the charm of Sicilian orange wines and let yourself be conquered by the magic of this extraordinary interpretation of the island's wine tradition. Welcome to the fascinating world of Sicilian orange wines!

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