Welcome to the Rosé wines section, where Sicily offers the best of its land kissed by the sun and its centuries-old wine tradition. Explore our selection of roses, which embody the elegance, freshness and vivacity of the Mediterranean.

Our Sicilian rose wines are the result of meticulous care in the selection of grapes, combined with a careful and respectful vinification of the characteristics of the territory. From the lively and fruity Nero d'Avola to the delicate and aromatic Syrah, each bottle tells a story of passion and craftsmanship.

Discover the freshness and energy of Sicilian rose wines, which bring with it the warmth of the sun and the sea breeze of the island. Treat yourself to the pleasure of a journey through the flavors of the Mediterranean and let yourself be transported by the magic of our rosaries, symbol of conviviality, joy and relaxation. Welcome to the enchanting world of Sicilian rose wines!

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